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1. Press twice on instalator icon.
2. Follow the instruction.

First start-up
1. During first start-up of communicator, you need to inscribe login and password from forum. If you don't have account, you can set it up pressing link "Don't have account? Click here to register for free!"

Program's interface
1. Main window of program

2. Dialog window (Chat window)

Install other networks plugins
At this moment Evermotion's Communicator is serving two additional networks:
- MSN network (Microsoft Network)
- GG network (Gadu-gadu)

To activate those networks you need to press "Option" button, and next in "General" bookmark, in section "Plugins list" you need to mark additional network.
After choosing the network, you need to restart your communicator. Next you need to go to 'Options' again. On the left there will appear additional bookmark and name of network for which you need to inscribe UID and account's password.

Contacts list
1. Adding the contact (person) from level of main window of program.
To add contact, press right mouse button in empty space contact list and choose "New contact" option. Then inscribe UIN and contact name (eg.: John Smith). 2. Adding the contact (person) from the chat's window. To add contact press the button "Add contact". Then in open searching window, choose user from the list and press button "Add".

Create, delete and rename contact groups
1. To add new contact group, press right mouse button in empty space of contact list , and choose option "New group".
2. To change the name of group , press right mouse button on group name, and choose option "Rename".
3. To delete group press right mouse button on it name and choose option "Delete".

Transferring contacts inside groups
To locate contact to other group, press contact name and choose option "Move to group".

1. On the left side of main window of communicator you will find bookmarks, on which you can follow news (forum news and CG news) downloaded from To start up bookmark, press left mouse button on it name.
You can easily configure the bookmark "My Sidebar" . To make the changes in content of the bookmark , press the button "Options", and next in "Sidebars" section inscribe the address of website, that you want to display.

Change communicator avatar
1. If you want to change avatar, press its picture in main window of program. Next, choose new picture from your computer.
Note: remember, if you change avatar with communicator help, it will be change on forum as well.

Sending and editing image files
1. If you like to edit/change picture, press 'Send image' in the chat window, before sending it to your friend.
2. Press 'Open' in editor, and choose picture which you want to send from your hard disk.
3. Now you can optionally modify picture. Editor has a many curious tools, placed in the left part of the window.
4. To send chosen picture, press 'Send'.

Sending other files
1. If you like to send other file to your friend, press 'Send file' in the chat window.
2. Then, in new window, choose file which you want to send, and press 'Open'.

Note: When person who you sending the files too, has a dynamic IP, it have to be added to program setups manually. To make it he/she should:
1. Press 'Options' in the main window of the program.
2. Press 'Evercom' in the new window (on the left side)
3. Next, in 'Peer2Peer Settings' section, in 'External IP' add current computer IP.
4. Restart communicator.