Changelog / v. (beta)

Please refer to stable version changelog

fixed image transfer
improved peer to peer file sending
ability to delete chat history
auto-updater changed
fixed EC userlist export/import

EC connections crypted with AES-256
peer2peer file sending support for EC

small fix in conferences
small fix in GG plugin
crashing with sounds enabled fixed (I hope)

conference full support for EC and GG (creating and receiving)

fixed bug in image editing (another one)
added button to close emoticons (ESC also works)

fixed image editing
new emoticons
conference support (so far only receiving conference talks from Gadu-Gadu network)

emoticons (you can turn them off in Options)
improved picture sending (press SPACE to move image with mouse while editing)
again bug fixes

*** Please write some info, when You get error form, like what You were doing etc. This is really helpful when fixing bugs. Thanks. ***

improved picture sending
some bug fixes
go to url from user status (right click on user on userlist) / click on description with URL in chat windows